SACE NAME: Stage 2 Research Project A & B

SACE CREDITS: 10 Credits

KEY CONTACT: Brian Stratfold


Stage 2 Research Project is a compulsory 10 credit subject undertaken in Stage 1 at Abefoyle Park High School. Students must achieve a C– grade or better to complete the subject successfully and gain their SACE. Students choose a research question that is based on an area of interest to them. They explore and develop one or more capabilities in the context of their research.

Students enrol in either:
Research Project A: This course gives students the opportunity to present their external assessment in written, oral, or multimodal form. Please note that Research Project A is not a Tertiary Admission Subject.
Research Project B: Most students enrol in this course which only has a written external assessment. However the assessment will contribute to their Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR).

The Research Project provides a valuable opportunity for SACE students to develop and demonstrate skills essential for learning and living in a changing world. It enables students to develop vital planning, research, synthesis, evaluation, and project management skills.
The Research Project enables students to explore an area of interest in depth, while developing skills to prepare them for further education, training, and work. Students develop their ability to question sources of information, make effective decisions, evaluate their own progress, be innovative, and solve problems.

School Assessment (70%) :
Research Outcome (40%) & Folio (30%)
External Assessment (30%) :
Review (Research Project A)
Evaluation (Research Project B)

SACE completion for both Research Project A and Research Project B. Research Project B also contributes to ATAR.