SUBJECT NAME: Stage 1 Food and Hospitality

SACE CREDITS: 10 or 20 Credits

KEY CONTACT: Narelle Bennett

Year 10 food subjects Year 10 Cook Like a Chef and/or Year 10 Food & Nutritian and an interest in the Food and Hospitality industry

This course may be taken as a 10 or 20 credit subject. The course introduces students to the food and hospitality industry. Students will focus on the dynamic nature of the food and hospitality industry and will develop an understanding of the contemporary approaches and issues related to food and hospitality. Students will examine some of the factors that influence people's food choices and the health implications of those choices.They also gain an understanding of the diversity of the food and hospitality industry in meeting the needs of local people and visitors.They will develop skills in using technology and safe work practices in the preparation, storage and handling of food, complying with current health and safety legislation.
Students will develop interpersonal communication skills by working with a range of people, cooperative working relationships, and learn the value of working independently. This will be achieved by the student working as an individual and collaboratively in a small and large group setting.

ASSESSMENT (per semester)
Is via School-based Assessment involving three types:
Assessment Type 1: 2 Practical Activities (weighting: 25% each). Two individual tasks: a) an action plan (400 words) and b) a research task (400 words). Both practical activities include an evaluation report (400 words).
Assessment Type 2: Group Activity (weighting 25%). One group collaboration activity, involving a collaborative action plan (400 words), group practical application and an individual evaluation report (400 words).
Assessment Type 3: Investigation (weighting 25%). One research project (600 words).

Stage 2 Food and Hospitality